Caltech Space Challenge Renderings

  • These renderings are created by me during the Caltech Space Challenge
  • I worked closely with my team to design spacecrafts that best represents our idea.
    Here are some of the renderings I had to do a day before the final presentation.
  • Lunarport Resource Storage Design
  • Lunar Transfer Vehicle
  • Lunar Resupply Shuttle Design (LRS)
  • Fuel Depot Design
  • Module 1 Design w/ details
  • Module 2, 3, 4 and additional docking parts
  • Lunar Mining Rover Design
  • Lunarport Rendering
  • Mining Site Ideas
  • Fuel Depot in Orbit Between Earth and the Moon
  • Check out more about the Caltech Space Challenge on the official website!​​​​​​​