BB-8 Journey

  • Ever since Star Wars: The Force Awakens came out to theaters,
    I've always wanted to make a model of the new droid, BB-8!
  • After modeling the robot and 3D printing them as presents to close friends,
    I was suggested by a friend to mass produce it through slip casting.  
  • A few dozen of them were manufactured and I am currently on a mission
    to document the journey of each BB-8s.
    The BB-8s are numbered and are sent to new owners. Their new owners have to
    take a photo of the droid in their house and send it to me, so I know they arrived safe.
  • Adventurous BB-8s Location
  • #2 is with Ericka in NYC
  • #4 is with Therese in Washington DC
  • #6 is with Jenevieve in NYC
  • #8 is with Jessica in Boston, MA
  • #15 is with Jane in California