Caltech Space Challenge 2017

  • The Caltech Space Challenge 2017 is a mission design challenge
    that is held for 5 days in California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA.
  • This year, 32 participants out of 800 applicants were selected through interview
    and were divided to two groups and were given a mission statement. 
    Lecturers from NASA, JPL, SpaceX etc. came to give data and information to the participants and mentored them to help come up with the best mission strategies.
  • Being the only Industrial Designer in the team, I got to work with 16 grad / undergrad engineers and researchers from around the world and contributed to the team by making sure the five subgroups were staying in sync with each other.
  • Other main rolls I managed was visualizing complex info and math into diagrams, converting 2D drawings to 3D renderings, and organizing information into slides that were presented to our JPL mentors and also for the final presentation.
  • After the competition was over, we published a full report of our research and theory into a document and has been applying to Space Conventions around the globe.
  • I also created cover and renderings  for
    the official article a few participants and I published in 
    Our articles have been published in other websites such as 
  • Our mission challenge will be presented in 
    the 2017 AIAA Space Forum on September 12-14, Orlando,FL.