Common Names of Colors

  • Overview
    This infographic presents some most common names we gave to colors. It’s more like a survey of color names in the modern world. Some interesting patterns can be seen from this inforgraphic, as some ranges of color are more frequently named than others. Note that people may have different color perception even for colors of the same name, and very similar colors or even the same color may have very different names.

    Sensing color is one of the most fundemental methods we perceive the world. Colors are tightly connected to our feelings and emotions, so we use them to mark our greatest memories. Our environments, cultures, and experience all determine the qualities of colors, so we gave them beautiful names. However, the idea of naming colors is flawed within its nature, as our perception of color is usually vague. We define colors in three ways, one by our visionary perception, one by physical properties in terms of electromagnetic wavelengths, and one by values for computers. Unfortunately, we have no way to precisely convert three ways to each other. As a result, our understanding of color is not accurate in any means, but we are still happy to try, to name colors.

    Size: 30" * 43.25"