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  • All four projects shown below were created during a three-week residency at Reykjavik, Iceland.

  • 1. To Whom it may Concern
  • We encounter those tiny, instantaneous moments without expectations. Some pass by us and lose our connections, while others strike us, flow through our body, and push us towards the so-called “inevitable” future.

    This very first project examines the concepts of human relationships - encounter, intimacy, and coincidence. Randomly picking up an envelop on the street, I then followed the address to track the unknown recipient, and wrote a letter to him/her on my way there. Evidences were collected during my tracking, indicating something that had happened in the past, and something that could happen in the future. All were decided in one moment.
    Hlíðаsmára 8
    200 Kópavogur

  • 2. An Investigation of the Units of Time
  • “When the sun doesn’t move, the light is still bright and your environment remains the same, you lose your reference system, your Cartesian plane; you lose your habitual track of daily routine.You thus feel lost. You then realize how much you depend on your environment to perceive the passage of time, and the progression of yourself.

    My experience in Iceland is highly independent, private, inward - in a sense that I depend only on myself to perceive the time. Not the clock. Not the sun. Not other people’s actions and behaviors. My environment is totally malfunctioning; it’s out of order. So it becomes just me. My body. My consciousness. I’m the only thing reliable; I’m the only reliable unit of time. It’s fully justified. Self-explanatory. I let my physical body to move and I listen to the rhythm of my breath, thus I can feel the real passage of time, in a primitive and ritualistic way. My experience now becomes authentic, and my perception becomes pure and transparent. Time is a subjective matter… and I can be my unit of time.” 

    ——excerpt written at Reykjavik during the summer solstice, when each day has 21 hours of daylight

  • 3. Dislocation
  • Six pairs of images and sound clips were being collected at six different locations in Reykjavik. Even though being collected simultaneously, these corresponding images and sounds seemed completely dislocated, thus providing an indirect reflection on the rapid process of industrialization, commercialization and politicalization that is right now taking place at Reykjavik.
    Along with the images and sounds is my short performance that shows the personal feeling of dislocation in a bigger context. Together, this video thus aims to provide a subtle narrative that integrates both personal experiences and public experiences together.

  • 4. I'm Being Present                                                 
  • Our minds consciously leave the body to dwell in the memory of the past, and the contemplation of the future. This project thus explores the constant wandering of conscious thought, and the synchronization/ dislocation between perception and consciousness.
    In this project - a 60 min performance piece implemented in the gallery, I tracked the time and wrote down my perception through 60 pieces of improvised writing. Being present in the gallery space, I absorbed from my audience and then shared with them with as much transparency as possible, in an attempt to synchronize perception, consciousness, and expression. All in one moment.
  • Projection on the wall
  • Collaborated with sound artists Sal Randolph and David Richardson.

    2017.06.14 - 2017.07.04 
    at Reykjavik