Soke: The sock case with sock patterns (Color final)

  • As a continuation of the pattern project of our color class, we were asked to make a packaging inspired by our patterns. The packaging could be for any kind of product, and we were required to have four samples. Because I created 'sock patterns made out of socks', I decided to take one step further, and design cases for socks with socks patterns.  

  •                                                                                                        sketches and logo testing
  • I ended up designing an imaginary company that would collaborate with other sock brands, and feature them on the site. Consumers would purchase a pair through the company, and the sock would be delivered inside a sock case. I decided to name the case as soke (pronounced as sock - eh) by combining sock + case. Also it would sound similar with the word ~속에, which means to be in something in Korean. 

  • Because I had five colors for each pattern from the last project, I asked friends to pick their favorite color combination. 
    The colors of each case correspond with the gif above. 
    I wanted the cases themselves to resemble socks as well, so I talked with a friend in Industrial Design and made samples with her. For the final I decided to lasercut the wood and later paint them. 
    Sample socks are all owned by me. 
    Materials used: Wood, Gouache
    Typeface for logo: Raleway Bold Italic