• In a studio titled “After Chareau” we sought to challenge the typical ways of design thinking through examination and inspiration from the small scale aspects of architectural design -- the details and the disciplines that are usually left for later in the design process. 

    Inspired by Pierre Chareau, we sought to encompass his sensibility in design. Chareau’s work is never confined or focused within a singular discipline, but rather the synthesis of a variety of fields (including architecture, furniture design, lighting design, material selection, metal work, and cabinetry) in a way that is beautifully unified and yet keeps each discipline distinct.

    By beginning the design process with the details, we are “disengaging from the perceived hierarchy that places architecture in a privileged position,” and expanding our horizon of ideas and where they can come from.

    The program - a small, exclusive social club for like-minded members, in this case: gardeners. Inspired by furniture I discovered that mimicked the venation and cellular structure of plants, my concept expanded from there, with each aspect meticulously thought through to add to and enhance this idea.