My Life Achievements Infographic

  • Overview
    My Life Achievement aims at telling people what my society expects people to achieve in his or her life, criticizing its narrow-minded values of the mainstream. 

    Old CRT computer monitors that display green content on black backgrounds are perfect fits for the form of this infographic. Hope it shows the restrictive nature of these values, like everything is programmed without any degrees of freedom. Cholla is chosen as the typeface for this project for its unique geometric letterforms that resemble early digital types.

    When we look back into the history, we may find ourselves having hard time understanding why certain people did certain things. The mainstream value of a certain society changes with time, and it is especially fast in my society. I was raised up in Shanghai. Thanks to the economic boom, our life qualities as well as our values have changed a lot in a very short period of time, making us hard to understand ourselves even decades ago. With the clash of values, it is hard for us to find our ways out. This infographic (also) serves as a monumental piece that shows our values of a particular city in a particular time. I'm sure it would be a blast when I see this piece years later.

    Size: 50" * 14.64"