American Cartography

  • American Cartography

    A book dedicated to show maps and charts of North America from 1600 to 1900. Maps of the continent, rivers, states, fortifications, and panoramas are introduced.

    The overall form is focused on showing a formal and aged quality that would resemble the age of exploration. The choices of paper as well as the binding method were all aimed to reflect the subject matter. Mrs. Eaves, an elegant typeface that provides a sense of hand-written quality, was chosen as the main text and display typeface of the book.

    Page hierarchies are also emphasized. There is a introduction, a long essay, and maps about the subject matter in each chapter, and there’s a pages of image references at the end of the book showing essential information of all the maps that appeared in the book. 

    Book, stitch binding (Coptic Stitch for covers, Double Whip Stitch for the rest.)
    Size: 9” * 12”, 112 pages