Yuexin's Journeys

  • Overview
    An accordion showing the three of my trips. The first one is the trip from where I live to my school; the second one is from Providence to New York; the third one is from New York to my home in Shanghai. 

    A lot of information is shown regarding details of each trip. The information is shown in an illustrative approach. The project is printed on a yellow-ish paper with random natural textures, resembling the exciting and relaxing nature of trips. Frutiger light is chosen as the typeface of the project, providing a geometric and huamnistic feeling to the subject matter. The illustrations were drawn in the same stroke thickness of with types, providing a unified visual system.

    A picture tells thousands words. Well an infographic must be able to tell more than that. While travel can be exciting, the processes of travel are often quite mundane and boring. Many choose to fight against our mundane lives by being mindful to our surroundings, so am I. 

    Size: 50" * 12"