European Swords

  • Overview
    European Swords provides information about swords in European cultures from ancient times to the lastest issued ones. Swords are divided into three categories here, and their inter-related developments are shown. For each type of sword, typical shape, average length, weight, and related fencing masters are provided with descriptions. 

    Swords have changed drastically in our history, so does type. An old style type with organic and elegant letterforms such as Jenson is chosed to give the piece an ancient feeling. We know less about earlier types of swords and their related martial arts in general, so a gradient of red is used to represent time.

    Either designed to be sidearms, symbols of status, or even main weapons used on the battlefield, swords hold so many stories about the changes of warfare, societies, technology, and kingdoms of our civilizations. Any changes in these aspects would affect the design of swords. People usually view different swords as distinct objects, but they are actually intertwined with each other, deep in their history.

    Size: 27" * 45"