• Mock-up campaign, "Be Pink". 
    inspired by the idiom 'looking through rose-tinted glass'. (Color 1 project)

    The fact that the color created the meaning of being hopelessly optimistic, for me, indicated how the pink is so often associated with happiness. For the project, I designed a mock-up campaign called "Be Pink", using the word 'pink' literally instead of the word 'happy'. The campaign consisted of a poster for promotion, a 'share pink' book with strips of pink stickers,
    and a thank you box delivered to participants. The purpose of the campaign was to remind people to share happiness, so the promotion poster had pink sheets of vellum attached so people could take them. The thank you box, which a participant would receive, contained sweets, earbuds, the sticker book, and few sheets of pink acetate (simplified version of glass) - objects that I think make people happy. A participant would enjoy the objects and share the pink strips from the sticker book. 

    Typeface used: Karla Bold
  • Sketches/Practice Shots/Notes
  • Photoshoot of project (03/2017)
  • Redo of 'Share Pink' Book and Photoshoot (05/2017)