Sock Pattern of Socks Pattern Book

  • For our pattern project for Color, we were told to create a pattern book of 20 patterns. The requirement was 5 pattern palettes, each with 4 color variations. Realizing how diverse the socks around me are, I decided to make a pattern using socks. I gathered socks from friends and categorized them by their patterns and conditions - solid colors, stripes, short socks, geometric shapes, and worn. I created patterns from the traced and abstracted versions of the socks and titled them also in rather abstract terms. 
    Because the overall atmosphere of my collection is playful and witty, and I wanted to keep the form of a catalog, book rings were my binding method. 

    Paper used: Glossy photo paper for cover, glossy cardstock for other pages
    Typeface Used: Akzidenz-Grotesk Medium Italic