• SEE / 睇睇 
    is a design tool I developed for myself as a source of inspiration to aid me in my design process.
    this design tool includes 2 decks of card, 50 in each deck
    with original illustration or altered stock image printed on each card 
    As inspiration cards, each deck represent one kind of inspirations:
         Conceptual Inspiration: visual stimulation, samples of patterns, colors, and strokes and orientations.
         Technical Inspiration: tools, materials, processes and manufacture technique potential to the project.
  • Mock up of the Conceptual Inspiration deck
  • Closer look of the Mock up
  • The Mixtape. Of course there is Kanye
  • Board of the Conceptual Deck
  • Board of the Technical deck
  • Samples from the Conceptual Deck
  • Samples from the Technical Deck
  • Physical Printed Cards, SEE and 睇睇 (take a look) with hand painted gradient 
  • who said "no gradient"?
  • Samples from 睇睇, the Conceptual Deck
  • Samples from , the Conceptual Deck
  • Acrylic container for the decks 
  • Pattern for self-made die-cut stickers 
  • Stickers!
  • Thank you