Virtual Reality : Welcome to Danny's mind. (2017)

  • I created this installation by coding the virtual reality for people to experience cluster phobia as well as the trapped feeling. Inside the world that I create, the user is covered by numerous black balls that expand bigger and come closer and closer until the user could not find a way out. With the motion of the balls, the audio I created also gets louder and louder, to an extent that user will feel like the sounds are swirling right next to his ears. Afterwards, the balls along with the sound will retract back to the air and become part of the space.
  • The space is the studio exactly where the users were experiencing. The sound also is talking about the depressing feeling of being trapped in the studio. Therefore, this project overall is commenting on this specific site as well as to resonate art students’ feeling.  
  • Reminder: Remember to click the top left audio button right after you link to the website or after the balls become invisible.  This is to sync the VR with the audio.  Also, it's made for the view in the goggles so it would be awesome if you have a pair of goggles!