"Peeping"- Trio Series

  • A trio series including two videos and one installation I made for 2017 spring design studio.  All three assignments are based on different prompts: 

    "Peeping" - 10 minutes video collaborated with Yimei Hu, a story about a peeper.

    "I can't peep anymore" - 30 seconds video collaborated with Yimei Hu using only found footage online, a story following the previous one.

    "24 Hours surveillance" - Final project given the prompt, 24 hours.  I spied my section mate for 24 hours and coded this secret file, pointing out the issue of surveillance and lack of consent.

  •                                                     Click Here to view the video "Peeping" on Youtube. 
  •                                          Click Here to view the video "I can't peep anymore" on Youtube. 
  •                              Click Here to view the documentation video "24 hours surveillance" on Youtube.