Jellybots - #DailyJellyJam


    Jellybots started as a number of character designs back in 2011, since then it grew and grew quietly as I worked on it between other full-time projects.

    Just recently I took a month (represented here) and challenged myself to make a new design or illustration each day to move the project ahead- it's been a great experiment! The world has grown again, there are new characters and locations and a lot of new ideas.

    The next step was clear- to continue development I need help! So I've launched a Patreon account where you can support me on a monthly basis at any amount for as long as you like.
    Together I think we can create something really special!
    Even if you can't support me financially, just sharing the work and getting the word out is a huge help! 

    Thanks so much for your interest and support :)