Every day when a person wakes up, the first thing they often do is look in the mirror. The art of appreciating oneself, whether it would be Narcissus in a pond, Henry the VIII in
     a Holbein work or more recently, teenagers taking selfies, is a timeless passion. Selfography is a project that studies this passion of self-devotion in its most recent iteration; the selfie. 

    This book contains curated text which reflects the reality that selfies are not trivial, but rather a profound, complex and nuanced form of photographic expression.
    Selfography juxtaposes a light piece by James Franco, on the meaning of the selfie, with a more heavy text from Susan Sontag, on the dynamics of capturing subjects in photography. 
    The conversation that exists between these two texts, one seemingly trivial with another more serious, facilitates a discussion on the nature of capturing oneself and why such form
     of self-expression is such a constant in the ever evolving canon of human art. The text is accompanied by bold images and patterns that speak to the ubiquitousness and dynamism
     of selfies. Each image was crafted to reflect that selfies are both personal acts but also powerful tools of corporate engagement. This project was created for a Typography 2 assignment dedicated to learning type setting at RISD. It was inspired by A House for Learning by Péter György. :)!!

  • Technical Details
    Number of pages – 110 pages
    Cover and Binding – The book block is sewn with thread, and covered by an 3mm book board coated with Vinyl.
    The Cover is UV Printed.
    Language – English
    Paper– Glossy Cardstock 120 lb