Methodological Corporeal Exploration

  • Drawing Final Spring Semester
    A variety of washing techniques 
  • Bottom:
    Layered Tempera on canvas washed with detergent in washing machine and dried with dryer and dryer sheets
    29"x60" each
  • Layered coarse molding paste with tempera on cardboard, sanded then washed in sink
    6" x 18" each

  • Layered tempera on t-shirt cloth, 12" x 18" each
    left: washed in the washing machine with detergent
    right two: washed by hand with detergent

  • Layered tempera on cardboard, washed with bleach, rubbing alcohol, and water
    23.3" x 40" each
  • layered tempera on paper, washed with water
    approximately 22 x 33" each
  • cardboard with layered metal mesh (removed) and tempera, sanded and washed with dish soap
    approximately 23" x 30"
  • Below is the original proposal, which explains my work and the project as a whole prior to beginning the work.