Ricoh Showroom

  • date: 2007
    location : NYC

    The Ricoh Technological Portal Showroom is a unique commercial space located in Midtown Manhattan. As one of only three such Technology Portals located in United States the facility acts as a place to display cutting-edge office equipment and provide training and conference facilities. The space was designed to be flexible and accommodate large seminars and events as well as marketing tours utilizing multi-media. The varied nature of the events makes this a true multi-purpose facility that presented special design and construction challenges. Working with the client as the Project Manager, I developed the program for the facility and carried the design through schematic design to construction in a turn-key manner. In addition to the conference and sales facilities, the showroom is also an office and training site for staff that run the events.

    The work included complete interior renovations, lighting design, data infrastructure design, telecommunications design, mechanical and electrical upgrades, and retail display. Additionally, the facility was designed in accordance with LEED and ISO standards to meet the client's sustainability goals.

  • Entrance view.
  • Interior view of reception area. 
  • Interior view of work area.