"Artie" - OGN Pitch Development

  • For my final semester at RISD, I began development on a pitch for an original middle-grade graphic novel I'm calling "Artie".

    Below are turnarounds for five of the story's main characters: Artie, her mother (Loretta), her late father (Kelly), a new mentor (Mac) and his daughter (Maya), and a new mysterious friend (Cat). In addition, I've included seven sample pages from my pitch excerpt. 

    “Artie” is centered around Artemis “Artie” Irvin, a 12 year old girl with a love of photography and a rebellious spirit.

    After Artie discovers her single mother is a werewolf (and that she too may be a wolf someday), she  begins to see her family in a different light. Artie finds herself on a journey to explore wolf culture and learn the secrets of her father, who died before she was born.