_RISD.bubble: Interactive VR

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    is an interactive virtual reality playground built using A-Frame (a web three.js framework for building VR experiences), our final project for Introduction to Computation taught by Chris Novello.

    This creation was inspired by the RISD (Rhode Island School of Design) bubble we live in. The sole question is, what does it mean to live inside the bubble? In the most simple application of living in a bubble, one limits outside influences to the extreme. As artists and designers, it is our duty to consider both inside and outside our comfort-zone, and create and design objects that make a point in the world, that ask people to re-evaluate social issues, establish emotional connections, and see what is there but not easily perceived. Yet, we still live in a community primarily made up of artists. Our perceptions of things are unavoidably different from that of someone who was raised or currently living in a different environment, a different "bubble". Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

    How may our actions and decisions change when we are no longer part of our close-knit group of friends or part of the, more or less, exclusive artistic community? 
    What is the role of art and design in the bigger world? 

    What is it like looking in from an outsider's perspective? 

    What does it mean to live inside the bubble?

  • Screenshots of Web-VR window

  • : Multiplayer Element :
    Different spawn characters, intended to hint at
    different aspects of the artistic community bubble.

  • : Video (Screen Recording) :

    coming soon

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