Amnesia (2017)

  • Brief Introduction: 
    Building on top of this original short animation loop I made before (Linked in portfolio) -"7 seconds memory: short-term memory loss", it goes on to talk about the long-term memory loss of today's society. 

  • The pictures below are the storyboard that I created to construct a key framework for myself to build on top of. It also helps me as a reminded that tells me in which frame the perspective shifts as well as how the transition works between frames. This is really an essential part of the project for me to get a better sense of my own logics.

  •
    This is the first time I drew frame by frame animation using Adobe Animation. I used only the little touchpad on my laptop instead of using any peripheral device like drawing tablet, therefore the drawing has a handcraft quality and clumsy style corresponding to the sarcasm I intend to suggest for the subject matter. The seemingly discrete frames also suggests the trait of snap by snap memory in today's society.