• Mini Golf Project
  • Promotional Video
  • The Mini Golf Project was a collaborative project by 20 RISD undergraduate freshman. 10 Golf courses were made, each by a group of 2. The exhibition event (Mini Golf Tournament) was organized, realized and planned by us.
  • The project was greatly appreciated within the RISD Community, bringing together the people of Providence together for a community event. The idea behind the Mini Golf Project was to create active, interactive art. The golf courses are based on works exhibited currently at the RISD Musem. It was a one-day event held on Moore Terrace: open space area, outside the Museum. 

    The project was showcased in the Providence Journal on Tuesday, May 16th.
    Link: http://www.providencejournal.com/news/20170516/risd-students-create-mini-golf-course-inspired-by-paintings

  • This golf course is based on the architectural structures of Jackie Ferrara. The structures are built following a logical, system iteration and reconstruction of basic forms. The course plays on a balance between negative and positive space, creating a surrealistic space. It is an interactive, modular golf course that challenges the player to find the right permutation, and aim for a hole - in - one. M 204, Carb I, like Ferrara’s other sculptures, prompts consideration of the visual and tactile qualities of the material and reflects on the endurance of certain geometrical forms in the art and architecture of many different cultures over centuries and millennia.
  • Sketches
  • Initial Construction
  • The most cost effective method of making the blocks was to laser cut multiple cardboard sheets and layer them. 
  • Laser cutting file
  • Assembling the base and the modular blocks. Testing the golf course and sanding it down, to even out the plywood surface. 
  • Spray painting and finishing
  • Event promotion: Pamphlet design