Sentiment: Eat Your Feelings

  • Sentiment: Eat Your Feelings

    For this assignment created in Color class, we were to explore the positive and negative associations of colors. Each color can have good or bad connotations depending on whether it is placed on a white or black background. Our job was to show each of twelve colors over white and black to exhibit this phenomenon.
  • I decided to create a brand of chocolate for this assignment. For each color there is a different flavored chocolate that gives the consumer three positive benefits (ie. luck, high energy, peace of mind). However, one should consume these chocolates at their own risk: each chocolate also has negative side effects with some percentage of occurrence (red could make you irritated, easily angered, etc). ​​​​​​​
  • Each wrapper is made out of laser-printed color paper and yes, there are real chocolate bars enclosed (I bought 12 Dove milk chocolate bars, unwrapped them, and re-wrapped them in the selected papers). Each cover is made out of thick bristol vellum, printed with an inkjet printer, and hearts and asterisks were laser-cut into them. Every chocolate description and side effect was written and carefully selected by me.
  • The chocolate box is a drawer style box constructed out of four-ply white museum board and one-inch white ribbon.
  • These are digital files of all 12 of the wrappers I created. Each chocolate provides three positive benefits (characteristics associated with each color or mix of two colors) on the white side. On the black side is three negative side effects (negative associations of each color). 
  • These are my ideation boards from the beginning of the project.