The Minnesota Zoo | Tiger Base Camp

  • The Minnesota Zoo | Tiger Base Camp

    In re-imagining the graphic content for the Amur Tiger Base Camp, the Minnesota Zoo wanted to give both an overview of the Amur Tiger's adaptations as well as it's conservation status. The Base Camp features a number of panels describing various behaviors like scratch and spray-marking of territory, as well as a map showing all 9 subspecies of tiger, both living and extinct. I provided digital pen-and-watercolor styled illustrations for each interpretive panel. (©Beth Zaiken)

  • Mother tiger with sub-adult cubs scratch-marking her territory
  • Adult tiger spray-marking a tree with urine, juxtaposed with a domestic cat scent marking from glands on it's head
  • Amur Tiger   |    Bengal Tiger
  • Indochinese Tiger    |    Malayan Tiger
  • South China Tiger      |     Sumatran Tiger
  • Extinct Balinese Tiger     |     Extinct Caspian Tiger     |      Extinct Javan Tiger