Arco by Arielle Pollock

  • Created on Gantri

    Gantri is a designer-first manufacturer based in San Francisco. Using smarter design and advanced 3D printing technologies, we help designers worldwide turn ideas into high-quality design products for free. Learn more
  • Concept

    Inspired by gemstones, this unibody light is perfect for a wood-heavy interior space. Both the top and bottom halves are made from a unique translucent material that produces a smooth glow with the light on.
  • Production

    Arco is manufactured by Gantri in San Francisco. The body of the product is constructed with our in-house 3D printing technologies and then carefully hand-finished by local craftsmen to achieve a smooth luxurious finish. High quality pre-engineered components are then assembled with the body and quality checked before they are delivered to customers.

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