• HOLE.
  • Our sauna is a place of unity: a place where people from all different classes can be equal. Designed for Fox Point neighborhood, “HOLE.” recognizes the history of Fox Point’s involvement in slave trade but takes a step forward by creating a space where everyone is acknowledged regardless of their backgrounds.

    “HOLE.” is designed to be fully integrated into its surrounding landscape, allowing people to move through spaces into nature. Our circular design springs from studying water and its interaction with light, which in effect, connects the sauna to its most prominent surrounding environment, Seekonk river. The circular forms represent a sense of wholeness and totality, effectively guiding people to move in a spiral course while enjoying our facilities.

    Sited underneath the bridge, “HOLE.” provides an experience for people to be separated from urban life and enjoy the beauty of the space. “HOLE.” is more than just a sauna; it is a space for community gathering, social networks, and unification.
  • Concept design: Drawing of light and water using contécrayon
  • First model of the initial design, front-view
  • Second cardboard model of the sauna, 1/4":1' scale
  • Final wooden model of the sauna, 1/8":1' scale
  • Tectonic model, side-view
  • Plan drawing of the final design of the sauna
    Tectonic drawing of steel beams for ceiling and the wall structure
  • Architectonics, Wintersession 2016/2017
    5-week process of designing Sauna at Foxpoint, RI