Making Swords - infographic

  • Overview
    Making Swords shows how European swords were and are made in ancient times and modern time. Step-by-step process is shown to give details of sword making, revealing the secret behind the sacred weapon. Graphics are strongly emphasized to minimize the need of texts for easier understandings. Color codings are given to differentiate between ancient and modern times as well as if the working piece is heated. The large sword illustration in this infographic is life-size.

    Swords are majestic and elegant, so are processes of their creations. In modern days, only a few people know exactly how swords were and are made, so I decided to make this infographic. 

    For me, I was surprised by the amount of time and meticulous techniques people dedicated in making swords, especially in the Medieval times where limited technology was available. Given that the chemistry behind forging metal was unknown, It is shocking to see how people found out the optimal physical and chemical treatments of metals to make them as strong as possible. The process of forging the blade, as shown in this infogrphic, makes the metal very shock and bend-resistant. These blades are essentially straight springs that will not snap even when bent over 90 degrees while having an impressive hardness. We use the same kind of steel for heavy duties today like spring brakes in car suspensions, cables supporting bridges, and armor plates for bullet proofing.

    Size: 43" * 29"