ELEVATE: Deconstruct #1

  • De·con·struct

    reduce (something) to its constituent parts in order to reinterpret it.

    My goal was simple:  to examine the traditional utilitarian form of a hiking boot. I drew inspiration from the classic Chelsea Boot, a shoe which is as functional as it is elegant, and created a rugged, yet refined fusion street-inspired silhouette. Although it is essentially a mountaineering-inspired shoe, I was also inspired by urban architecture and street style. The use of both saturated and muted earth tones plays with the idea of a transitional shoe, which is not confined to any particular season. 

    The materials used are nubuck, PU leather, cord, and a knit ankle sleeve for the upper; and for the bottom, the sole is hand-shaped EVA foam and the outsole treads are 3D-printed in TPU filament. 
  • This project was exhibited at the Milano Montagna Vibram Factory 2017  international design competition.
  • Thanks to Roberta Ranalli for the exhibition photos!
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