A Monstrous Self Portrait: Losing Control

  • A Monstrous Self Portrait

    The first part of a studio considering monstrosity and sublimity as it pertains to architecture and its facets of design, including the self and the human that resides within it.

    The initial realization of the self portrait came from a drawing made of inverted golden ratios in the human body's proportions. But this is highly controlled, through mediums and measurement alike. What happens when we lose control of our mediums? This beginning lead to the drawing device that allowed an almost complete loss of control of the medium. Different opacities of ink were then dropped through the mask based on the shadows casted on the face at that time. The straws were then blown at to push the ink down, which created the monstrous self portrait.
  • Before the ink was applied
  • Four self portraits made, each using the same rules for ink and opacity at certain parts of the mask, along with the amount of medium dropped. Ink was applied with a large brush that went along the upper surface of the mask. When enough ink was added to break the tension of the media, it would drop onto the paper. The medium at the end was blown through to dry the mask of any left over ink/ water.
  • After inking