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    A collection of design works/artworks completed during the course of my study at Rhode Island School of Design
    from Fall 2015 to Spring 2017

    About me : I was born in Hong Kong, raised in Beijing, China. I graduated from International School of Beijing with a Bilingual International Baccalaureate Diploma in 2014. I am currently an honor student at Rhode Island School of Design majoring in Industrial Design, with two additional concentrations - History, Philosophy and Social Sciences (HPSS track MTC) with a focus on modern communal influences, and Computation, Technology, and Culture (CTC). I am currently also petitioning for an Interdisciplinary Studies Option in Glass and D+M (Digital + Media), as well as expected to graduate one semester early (December 2017). As for my philosophy on art and design: I believe in the intersection between Art, Science, Design and Engineering in consideration of knowledge, information, behavior, and utility. To me, design is not only about satisfying needs, nor only about a pretty appearance. I am not only an industrial designer considering the great range of things I do, but I am interested in the foundation principles of industrial design, which is how creative thinking and design can create possibilities for making positive changes in the world. 

    So... hire me? hire me? hire me.

  • Again... hire me? hire me? hire me.