Decordova Modern Museum

  • DeCordova Modern Museum
    Rebaranding class project
  • The original name is DeCordova Sculpture Park and Museum, but from the research I did, I realized the
    museum has a mission to focus and broadly educate about modern and contemporary American Art, not just about sculptures.  Also when I visited, I enjoyed the indoor works as much as the sculpture park, and that
    is why I changed the name to DeCordova Modern Museum.  However, the museum wants to emphasize the sculpture park through their name, so I made the logo three-dimensionally and applied the logo three-dimensionally and interactively.
  • Original Logo
  • New Logo
  • Logo Inspiration 
  • System Design
  • Logo Three-dimensional Application
  • Further Suggestions
    Many comments about the museum were about the display of the sculptures at the sculpture park.  Although people loved about the space and the concept of park, but many people complained that there are no descriptions or guidance to look at sculptures.  For additional project, I suggested about a temporary event where the museum provides view finders with comments from the artist or from other artists of a piece from specific directions.  Also this promotion encourages people to be more involved with the artworks with a tag line, 'It's your move'.