The Kisumu Housing Project

  • Bringing the value of good design to those with little or no access to it.
  • Photos © GA Collaborative
  • This project was a collaboration between the GA Collaborative and 15 designers that resulted in a 200 page building design manual, soon to be published. A graphic guide for construction methods and techniques, this book helps people with little to no construction experience build safe, affordable homes in Kisumu Kenya. 

    Through sustainable building practices and socially responsible design interventions, coupled with clean and concise graphics aimed at transcending both education and language barriers, we can provide communities with strategies for sustainable growth as well as beautiful, functional design solutions.

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    The structure illustrated below is a housing prototype built mainly out of earth bags: a simple, but highly secure method of construction that is easy to learn and incredibly cheap as it sources material found directly on site. The design provides maximum ventilation and shade in a highly humid climate, while also providing safety, security and privacy in a community where problems such as theft and rape are common.

  • Earthbag Construction
  • Sun Angle Data
  • Safety & Ventilation