A Perfect Box (2017)

  • Brief Introduction:
    Assignment Prompt: "Perfect Size".  This is a luxurious egg box I made for eggs. I was inspired by the fact that my friends always joke with me saying that I couldn’t find my partner because I am funny and have a really weird sense of humor. Therefore, I designed and made my unique proposal ring box containing an egg inside. It represents the idea that I wish someday I could find someone that understands my sense of humor. ​​​​​​​

  • During the presentation, I created this scene that gives an idea of everyone's ideal date. So you see a beautiful box on a table, your expectation goes right into a ring box. However, you realized it's an egg inside. This is exactly the feeling when I feel a great disappointment by losing hope in finding love. 

  • The photos below show the process of making it along with the measurements. The entire process seems really tedious, especially making a box for an egg. However, it embodies the idea of the long process of trying to find my true love, and eventually accomplish the goal, and treasure that only one with all my efforts and love.​​​​​​​

  • I drilled bigger and bigger holes gradually in order to create different widths for different depth. After getting a rough cut surface, I hand chiseled for hours to get a very smooth surface that meets the smooth shell of the egg.

  • Different views of the products. I used a hinge to make the mechanism, so the recipients can feel the surprise while opening up the box instead of giving them the answer right away.
  • For a more practical use, the user can use it as an egg holder. In this way, one doesn't have to worry how he can carry an egg or concern about whether it would break in his bag. The faces on the eggs suggest that one could draw a face on an egg every day to create a character being with him.