Re: Memory - the 9th Annual BRDD Exhibition

  • Re: Memory - The 9th Annual Brown|RISD Dual Degree Exhibition
    Granoff Center for the Arts
    January 17 - February 13
    Public Reception: January 26th, 7pm-9pm

  • In October 2016, we sent out a call to the students of the Brown-RISD Dual Degree Program to remember, revisit, and reinvestigate. Phantom-limb emotions, vestiges of past places, indexical residue left by action or gesture, and reluctant nostalgia colored the responses to Re: Memory. Each work was a reply to observed lapses in translation and the success or failure of memory. 

    Responses interpreted memory as inclusive of storytelling, proliferation, and heritage. Here, heritage is broadly defined, from the personal to the cultural, the political and the technological. Nonlinear, tangential, and loose connections ran through the exhibition, speaking to the nature of memory itself.