A Polar Phenomenon

  • A Polar Phenomenon

    In collaboration with artists Michelle Authelet, Jasmine Gutbrod, Sera Park Choi, and Sarah Gonzalez, we explored the structure of a polar grid to create a dynamic and compelling installation. With two parallel polar girds, we were able to construct a voluminous and stable sculpture with fine, delicate string. To highlight the depth of the cylindrical shape we placed random strips of metallic paint to create a free flowing shape inside. 
    In the supplemental piece, we explored the underlying significance of the polar grid to spirituality and astrology. The grid has not only formal properties, but also higher purposes.  
  • A Polar Phenomenon. 2017. 45''x45''x96''. String; Metallic Acrylic Paint; Plywood.
  • Polar Grid Exploration. 2017. 8.5''x11''. Transparencies. 
  • Layered Transparencies. 2017. 8.5''x11''. Transparencies. 
  • Bottom View
  • View of Metallic Paint Strands