Zest Ring

  • Graduate Portfolio Work

  • Jewelry, conventionally, is steeped in beauty anddesire. I’m interested in thejuxtaposition of jewelry as both beautiful and ugly. I want the viewer’s desire to investigate a piece tooverride their apprehension of that same piece. In particular, I’ve looked at what’s enticing and repellingabout human skin.
    Rubber is an apt material to be manipulated by thebody. Its translucency lendsitself to layering. In part, thisquality references skin. I use theaddition of color to suggest gems traditionally used in jewelry pieces, andfurther, embed actual gemstones in the rubber. Questions arise of what is precious and beautiful.
    The bracelets and rings are formed from castings ofmy hands and wrists. They are,naturally, made to fit me. Yet,the elasticity of the material allows them to be worn by someone other thanmyself. That person is then, ineffect, wearing an imprint of my skin. The wearer becomes sensitive to the jewelry piece in relation to theirown body.
    I’m concerned with the notions surrounding thephysicality of a piece of jewelry. The pieces I’ve created bring up uncomfortable associations with thebody while referencing the beautiful and decorative aspect of adornment. I created this work in an attempt toengage the viewer in a seduction and subversion of jewelry.