Yes I Du Visual Identity

  • Yes I Du Visual Identity

    Yes I Du is a full-service destination wedding agency based in beautiful Dubrovnik, Croatia. Their creative team tailors all wedding ideas and follows the client from the beginning till the end of their stay in Croatia.

    As one would expect, our initial discussions circled around the subject of love. Love of the couple getting married, love of family and friends attending the wedding, and love the agency has for their work. Also interesting was the agency's name, Yes I  Du (DU is Croatian abbreviation for Dubrovnik, where the agency is based). We decided to visually combine a symbol of love with their name, the result of which was the recognizable Y monogram. Their Identity needed to be sophisticated, but communicate approachability and reliability. To avoid the usual silver and gold colors, copper was selected, its color exuding warmth and subdued passion. To emphasize elegance, many applications were printed in copper foil.

    Agency: Manasteriotti DS
    Art direction and design: Igor Manasteriotti
    Art and photography: Ana Valjak
    Stationery print: Kreativni tisak
    Web: Slicejack
    Wedding photography: Petar Jurica; Zvonimir Kušec