100 pictures, RI

  • This 100 pictures series is an exploration of Providence and a portrait of myself. Having lived in Providence for two years, I found myself never had the chance to explore the city thoroughly. I always felt that both beauty and ugliness that are unseen and hidden are the most attractive. Through exploring the city and looking for things that are overlooked, I re-discovered the city in every aspect. Meanwhile, I started to look at my relationship with the city and people around me very differently. The excitement of transferring to RISD and starting a new life passed away fairly soon, and for the past year I were almost too comfortable with what I have. I suddenly realize that I seldom think about the relationship with others. This 100 pictures series also attempts to document my relationships with people around me and how they influenced my life in Providence. 
    By using film, especially with holga camera, I attempted to create rather intimate images of things the way they are. I appreciate the unpredictability and truthfulness of my subjects.