LEVA: Branding Excercise

  • LEVA is the result of a team based branding exercise.
    To group an assortment of researched objects under a cohesive label was the goal.
  • As an industrial designer, objects must be researched to see the potential for innovation.
    To start off this project, I took a hair dryer and disassembled it.
    After seeing how each part interacts with one another, I drew it in exploded view.
  • Once everyone was finished in observing their object, the class was assorted into different groups. The prompt was to create a brand for the assortment of objects the groups had.

    Trying to group a hair dryer, a battery powered fan, an alarm clock, and a menstrual pad into a cohesive line of products proved to be a challenge. When envisioning the brand identity, my team and I had similar desires for wanting to optimize each of our objects to be more portable and worthwhile to take along.
  • Working out our target audience and product values, we found that the people who used our objects were more on the younger side. Since our objects were small and fairly essential, the team decided to create products optimized for compact travel,
    focusing towards the younger generation.
  • Breaking down our brand aesthetic boiled down to our proposed goal: to make our products worthwhile to keep, transcending beyond mass produced product life cycles
    and helping people see the value in what they own.

    Serene and functional is what LEVA should represent.
  • After grounding the brand as a whole, the team took to rendering their objects accordingly.
    Here, I took the existing hair dryer and focused on simple configurations,
    with a minimalist approach.

    Having an elegant yet practical way to dry your hair rather than relying on one's accommodations for a hair dryer was my overall goal. Much attention was
    given to the form and feel of this new hair dryer.
  • A hair dryer with different orientations for the heating coils and air intakes. The handle folds in for a compact way of storage.
  • A "hair drying comb" concept. Taking portability to the highest level, the aim of this was not to dry hair, but to style hair on the go.
  • Images of our presentation on the final day.
  • Team LEVA:
    Andy Lee, Larry Yoon, Stella Wei, Glory Dang