Torn Paper Collage

  •  In Chiang Mai, Thailand, the boys in the Juvenile Detention Center tried working in torn paper collage for the first time. They worked over printed images of their beloved King, H.M. Bhumibol Adulyadej. This technique is about matching colors and shapes in a painterly way to create a unique interpretation of a familiar subject--rather, than using images to re-present familiar subject matter. Magazine pages were used to create these intriguing portraits. 
  • As promised, the guys got the torn paper collage technique down and created one of their own likenesses on a life-sized scale--to be included in a final canvas mural commission for a Chicagoland hospital (April 2017).  
  • Digital Sketch, Canvas Mural, 6x12 ft, Chicagoland hospital, April 2017.