• -Unusual Storyboard-
    For one of our animation assignments, we needed to come up with what is called an "unusual storyboard." Traditional storyboards tell a story by drawing pictures of the events that create the story in the sequence in a linear progression of the film. A board can show the whole story very clearly in one glance of the wall. But there are many ways to convey many kinds of stories. A story can simply be told in the material it is being conveyed by and so our goal with this assignment, was to experiment with the form of delivery and the materials used to express a narrative content. In this case, I used the subject of bananas. I believe that storyboards are a way of projecting the situation or a plot of the story and introduce characters to guide that story. I was inspired by looking at the shape of bananas one day and lined them up together, seeing how they portrayed people "spooning" or "cuddling." My goal was to draw the characters I came up with and have the audience physically put the image together like a puzzle piece to interpret the "unusual" situation along with the "unusual" characters, thus coming up with the title: Unusual Cuddlers, which can be seen on the other side of the drawing. This assignment definitely was a great way to experiment with texture, surface, shape, and manipulation with space and how we see things and ended up turning into something very amusing and fun for me in the process.