Duality - Life & Death

  • Life & Death
     A puppet project
  • "As soon as she concentrated on being alive now, the thought of dying also came into her mind. The same thing happened the other way around. It was like two sides of a coin that she kept turning over and over. And the bigger and clearer one side of the coin became, the bigger and clearer the other side became too." 
    - Sophie's World, Jostein Gaarder

    Life and death are two coexistent, omnipresent, and ultimately cyclic states of being. They are inextricably tied to one’s perceptions, goals and beliefs in life. One of the primary traits that distinguish human beings from animals is the strong awareness of our own mortality. But does this awareness obscure our vision or help us view the world more clearly?

    I am both the puppeteer and the puppet; I am both life and death. I am the marionette’s “life force”, but I am also its shadow. Is life and death shadowing my existence, or am I shadowing theirs? I can no longer tell...