seesalt brand identity

  • Are you aware of how much salt you are taking in? "More than 30% of Argentineans suffer from high blood pressure, and this constitutes the main cause of cardiovascular problems and the greatest cause of death in the country and worldwide. To prevent this, the World Health Organization recommends restricting salt intake to no more than 5 grams per day, but in Argentina average consumption is 12 grams per day. Within the framework of the World Salt Awareness Week, Fundación Favaloro wanted to carry forth an initiative to spread awareness on excessive salt intake.” 

    This campaign was originally done by Grey, an advertising agency with its mission to spread awareness on excessive salt intake by using colorized salt to promote better cardiovascular health on each meal. Carrying on its idea, I renamed the original campaign as “seesalt,” which was initially called “The Salt You Can See.” The design also takes much more playful approach that speaks directly to colorized salts. You can find original design here: