The Box

  • The Box

    This was the first of two short animated films that I made during my senior year studying Animation at RISD.  It is one of my favorite projects of all time.

    Following a very inspiring trip to the Ottawa International Animation Festival, I dove into this project with but one goal:  To make a funny animation about something I thought was funny while trying to have as much fun as possible doing it.  The whole thing came about smoothly, quickly and naturally, with little to no concern with looking or acting "Professional."  And as the reviews for this project and its brother "Caleb's Woods" came in, I started to notice a trend. 

    Though people liked "Caleb's Woods," they couldn't help but gush their love for "The Box."  I had my concerns that the sophomoric humor would be poorly received, so it was a really special feeling to sit in a theater full of people laughing at my silly little ducks.  Some of the jokes I had put it were actually drowned out by the laughter from preceding jokes.  It seemed that I had chanced upon something really special for an artist:  An honest piece of work that really resonates with people. 

    I love "The Box," for the joy that it continuously brings me, and the lesson it taught me about the value of being honest with your passions.  I don't know if "The Box" will ever win any awards or be featured in any festivals, but it is still, in my opinion, one of the greatest animations I have ever produced. 

    Direction, Animation, Music, Sound Design - Joshua Durst
    Additional Sounds -