SoundsGood- a hearing aid design

  • A Hearing Aid for Women's Confidence and Beauty
  • This is a hearing aid specially designed for women who have hearing problems. The soundwave on the little screen is immediately responsive, indicating whether the speaker is speaking in an appropriate voice or not so that they can adjust the vloume and speed immediately.
  • Right now the designs of hearing aids are mainly from the perspective of the hearing impaired: how to adjust the volume? how to hide the device? 
    What if it's the speaker's responsibility to maintain the quality of the conversation.
  • Speakers can have immediate response on the volume of their own voice. The changing signal is also an elegant decoration. It makes SoundsGood not only a medical device but also a piece of beautiful jewelry.
  • Before starting to use SoundsGood, doctors/ technicians need to examine the hearing impaired individual again. Based on the level of impairment, personalized data will be set into the hearing aid. The soundwave patterns will be generated according to these data. 
    Users should undergo the hearing test at the doctors’ regularly, so that the personalized data can be adjusted with time, following the change of the individual’s hearing ability.