Threshold: Light

  • The Threshold - Preliminary Theater Concept
    What is a threshold? What or who can enter a threshold? How does someone or something interact with a threshold? These are all questions asked when designing a new threshold, which here, is light. 
    As humans we associate light with safety; leading the way, lighting the path, etc. This was the concept that manifested itself into a later project.
  • The threshold (modeled by Claudia Fung)
  • Initial sketch of a person approaching the threshold.
  • Module Curvatures which allow light to diffuse against the curving wall. When a person walks towards this threshold, a new one will appear. In the hypothetical world, where light is constant and multidirectional, this model could continue infinitely, leading a person farther and farther into space; into more thresholds which could vary in size, length, width, or material.
  • Close up of directional light from openings.