Upcycled Furniture: Hand Woven Webbing Hammock (2017)

  • Brief Introduction:
    A hand woven hammock bed made out of recycled material, webbing, collected from the recycling center in RI. The inspiration was derived from cocoon. I tried to capture the capability of cocoon holding creature inside as well as the flexibility of the texture to create comfortable and cozy environment.

  • The pictures below show the process of me weaving and sewing the hammock bed with the seat belt material. The initial struggle was that I couldn't use sewing machine to sew all the individual stripes of webbing on to the main structure. Also, stabling them using a stable gun would not create a strong structure. Therefore, instead of risking the safety issue here, I decided to hand sew all the ones onto the structure to create a strong and firm quality.

  • The picture below show my inspiration, which is a cocoon that sits between two branches. Build on top of it, I got to explore the structure with this recycled material, webbing. Although it did not create a form as like a web, it forms a clean, rigid form that could support human weight.

  • More picture to show from different perspective. 
  • Users could also swing the hammock from left to right simply by alternating their balance. The material also forms a flexible surface that allows users to sink in, feeling more relaxed than usual.