• CMYK is a set of three earring about cobalt violet. 
  • "What do people think real  cobalt violet is?"
    The first piece reflects on the general color range that people think cobalt violet should be in.
    C: 80-89
    M: 78-100
    Y: 0-14
    K: 0-6
  • "What is the real cobalt violet?"
    The second piece reflects on the real Cobalt Violet range according to Winsor & Newton.
    The middle point is selected.
    C: 58
    M: 92
    Y: 7
    K: 0
  • "Why?"
    Because people mess it up with Cobalt Blue, which is indicated by the movable track and the stopper at Cobalt Blue.
    C: 94
    M: 79
    Y: 0
    K: 0
  • Product of Aphrodeason.